Sponosor-A-Pet Program

How does it all work?

Many of our rescued pets needs a special amount of care, such as heart worm or other  extensive medical treatment due to the lack of attention and/or care they received in their  home prior to coming into rescue. Others just don't seem to sell themselves well and can go unnoticed by potential adopters, simply because they are shy or too "average" looking. Maybe you have fallen in love with a dog that you saw on our picture pages or at an adoption event, but you are unable to bring an animal into your home right now.

For these reasons, we have created our Sponsor-A-Pet program, which allows you to donate on behalf of all or a specific dog here at Papillon Pals Rescue.

If you already know which pet you would like to help, simply click the button below and proceed with your secure online tax-deductible donation. If you would like to sponsor a pet but don't know which one, simply browse through our Adoptable Pets page of our available little ones and return to this page to continue.

After making a sponsorship donation, you will receive acknowledgement and a tax receipt for your donation. We are a non-profit organization and would like to thank you very much for your interest in our rescued pets and to send a loving thank you for your time and heart-felt sponsorship gift for these fur-babies. Every little bit counts. Each of our pets are fostered in loving homes and evaluated prior to adoption.