About Fostering

We have a complete screening program for those who would like to become foster parents before we find these pets forever homes. It is a great help when we know we can make a call to someone telling them we have rescued a dog and need to house it and observe its behavior before putting it up for adoption. You may even find yourself doing some training.

What these pets need most is love.

Some have been abused. Some have been neglected. Some have been abandoned due to poor health of the parent or a move to a place that does not allow animals. They need to be made to feel secure. You can offer them your love and your services.


Considering volunteering as a foster home? Here's a little information to help you decide.

Q- What is a foster home?
A- An interim home where each dog is cared for, nurtured and evaluated prior to placement.

Q- How long do dogs stay in a foster home?
A- The amount of time varies according to the dog's needs. The average time is four to twelve weeks.

Q- I work full time. Can I still foster?
A- Yes! We just need to find a foster dog that will be okay during your work day. You will need
to ensure that your foster only has access to safe areas of your house while you're not home.

Q- Do I have a choice which dogs I foster?
A- Absolutely! First, you'll complete our Foster Application and then talk with us to let us know if you have a preference regarding which toy breeds you would and would not like to foster.  When you're ready for a foster dog, we start looking for a dog needing rescue that's the breed(s) you requested.  The dogs listed on our website already are in foster homes. If you wish, you can help us look for a dog by checking the internet for local animal shelter listings, craigslist, etc.  Once we find a dog that we think meets your criteria, we let you know about the dog and you decide if you would like to foster that particular dog.  Of course, if you find a dog needing rescue that you want to foster, that can work, too!

And finally, the most often asked question!

Q- Don't you get attached to your foster dogs?
A- Of course! But helping the dogs find a wonderful, permanent home is the greatest reward
of fostering. The photos and e-mails you'll receive from the family of the dog you fostered will
make it all worthwhile. And there's always another dog in need that requires your special TLC.


We are in need of foster homes in the Jacksonville, Florida area. If you would like to help out, please
complete the fostering application and forward it to us. We will contact you as soon as your
information is received!