Rainbow Bridge
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Welcome to Papillon Pals Rescue Rainbow Bridge page.

Our Rainbow Bridge is a virtual memorial home for your departed baby. In loving tribute to all of God's special little creatures who filled our lives with joy, happiness and love, we dedicate our Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you for visiting our part of this peaceable kingdom. We now invite you to become part of our family and know you are not alone in your grief and sorrow. We know personally the loss of a beloved friend, who gave his or her love unconditionally.
If you've lost a beloved pet, we invite you to pay a special tribute to your beloved family member by allowing us to place his or her picture on this our memorial page. We hope you are able to find some peace and consolation in knowing you are not alone. For all of the years of unconditional love your baby has shown you, this is one way to keep memories alive.

To add a memorial for your pet, please email us at rainbowbridge@papillonpalsrescue.com and provide information about, or a written tribute to, your pet and a picture of your beloved friend. We will do all we can to add your special story to this page.

Thank you.

'Ginger Snap' was a sweet little dachshund girl that was on the list to be euthanized in a high kill animal shelter. We believe that a breeder was transporting her and several other dogs from a breeding facility and that their kennel containing the dogs fell off a truck. Animal control found 10 dogs near the side of a busy road with the broken kennel in the ditch. All of the dogs were filthy and scared. 4 of them had already been hit by passing cars and killed.

Ginger was rescued by Papillon Pals Rescue, unfortunately for her, too late in her breeding career. Ginger already had tumors from not being spayed and continuously being bred. The tumors on her teats were rapidly growing and had already moved into her lungs, lymph nodes, and around her heart.

Ginger spent a short time in her foster home being loved and pampered. She will truly be missed, but knowing she has been adopted into the greatest forever home of all, Heaven.

Punkin came to us with special needs, as he was hearing impaired.
And Punkin's foster mom loved him so much that she adopted him which was always meant to be because Punkin had already made her his own.

He was already an older pure bred Pomeranian. When he came home with his Mom she immediately started singing to him. The unconditional love was then set in stone.

He was a great companion and always laid on his mat beside her when she was on the computer or in the bed beside, her but never until after a half hour of loving. He trotted like a star beside her on his leash, proud to be wearing the pretty clothes that were made for him by his Mommy. The neighbors always smiled each time he rode in the basket on the scooter. It was always a treat to see that he gave them joy also.

It is so hard to think that he's gone. He only wanted for two things, to love and to be loved. But Punkin is in a wonderful place now and he is whole and can hear very well again. He waits lovingly over the Rainbow Bridge for his Mommy to one day join him.

Sleep well, precious boy. We love you and miss you. One day, we'll be together again.


Scarlet was the mother of our first Papillon, given to us by the breeder before we got involved in rescue. She was a sweet little girl and loved
everyone. Most of all she loved food and would do anything for a treat, including learning to play a child's piano!

Scarlet was always a happy girl and we loved her greatly. The only bad thing about Scarlet is that her life on earth with us was much too short.

Fly away little butterfly to the Bridge where you'll be happy and healthy awaiting our arrival.


Our sweet 'lil Penny loved us for 18 long years; we are very blessed. She was a gift to my daughter when she was 6. They were inseparable. Penny was always there for her, playing, relaxing and cheering her up if she was sad. Penny would kiss her for as long as she would allow it. When we brought our youngest son home from the hospital, Penny was prepared. Pacing/running from the crib to wherever I was in the house to get my attention, whimpering when the baby cried, circling and guarding him always, she would have been a great mom!

In her younger years, she thought she was the biggest dog on the block. She loved our cat, but chased down all others. We were amazed at how high she could jump; she won every race the kids challenged her to. She would happily greet us every time we came home, wagging her tail, shaking her whole back end, jump in our arms and lick, lick, lick. The word "cheese" stopped her in her tracks: Her favorite treat. She was always excited to "go for a car ride" and "go nite, nite". When it was time to "take a bath", her ears would go down and she'd try to slowly creep away and hide. In her later years, she became my husband's "baby". He would hand feed her, massage her, be up with her all hours of the night to comfort her. She was always with him - inside, outside, going for walks, in his arms or his lap, napping with him.

We love and miss you dearly Pen, Pen. Nite, nite - see you on the other side.

Rainbow Bridge

There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth
It is called Rainbow Bridge because of its many colors.

Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge
There is a land of meadows hills and valleys with lush green grass.
When a beloved pet dies they go to this place.
There is always food, water, and warm spring weather.
Those old frail animals are young again.
Those who have been maimed are made whole again.

They play all day with each other.
But there is only one thing missing:
They are not with their special person
Who loved them on Earth.

So each day they run and play
until the day comes
when one suddenly stops playing and looks up.
The nose twitches, the ears are up
the eyes are staring,
and this one suddenly runs from the group.

You have been seen
and when you and your special friend meet
you take them in your arms and embrace.
Your face is kissed again and again
And again you look once more into the eyes
of your trusting pet.
Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together.

Until we meet again...

Author Unknown


Dudley was a senior owner surrender and was adopted by a wonderful,
loving family. He was the light of their lives and he lived like a little Prince until he passed away.

Dudley is now at Rainbow Bridge, whole and waiting on the arrival of his humans who still love and miss him.

Kiki was a member of the family before we got involved in rescue. He was a part of our dog rescue, too, because he was our official "tester". His job would be to test new foster dogs to see if they got along with cats. When the fosters did not like cats, we blocked off part of the house for him so the dogs could not bother him.

Kiki also had a huge screened patio and pool that he loved. He had plants to hide in and graze on, lizards to chase and squirrels outside the screen in the trees to stalk. It's unusual for a cat to be a member of a dog rescue, but our Kiki had an important role.

We miss Kiki and know he's healthy and whole now waiting
for us at the Bridge.

Papillon Pals Rescue would like to take this time
to graciously thank Ms. Diane Maher for her
generous gift donated to us in the loving memory
of Mr. Ronald Taylor.

Donating a gift in the memory of a loved one is a wonderful heart touching gesture that remains memorialized forever.

If you would like to make a gift in the name of someone special in your life who has passed on please contact us at

we will list your loved one on this page.

Thank you.
In Memory of Betty Chase

This is in loving memory of Betty Chase, an amazing, loving woman who will be forever remembered.

Betty is survived by her daugher, Lee Dando (shown in the picture with Betty), Lee's husband Henry Dando, grandson Tripp Hansen, his wife Elyse and three great-grandchildren.

Her memory will live on in our hearts forever.

This sweet girl was found by one of our foster moms right after being scheduled to be euthanized at a shelter. She was very tiny and a very sick little girl. Delilah was given medications, showered with love and provided with nutritious food and a comfy soft bed in which to spend her last days. While we had hoped she would recover, she did not.

Rest in peace our sweet little Delilah.


Gigi “Little Girl” was the cutest little 5 pound papillon with the biggest personality. So much spirit in such a small package. She loved her brothers, Woogie a fellow papillon and Leo an orange tabby. Gigi loved her mommy and was always by her side and ready to protect her. Her life was way too short but it was full of happy times. She loved to frolic and play in the grass and snuggle up under the covers at night. She brought so much light and joy to our lives. Until I see you again in heaven, mommy loves you so much sweet girlie..
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